Commission Disputes

        You’ve worked hard to earn a commission or bonus. Unfortunately, your employer is not willing to pay the wage that you’ve rightfully worked for. Your employer is likely violating the Massachusetts Wage Act.

        Under Massachusetts General Law Ch. 149, Section 148, The Wage Act is applicable to all of your employment commissions so long as they are “due and payable” and “definitely determined.” The Supreme Judicial Court has held that to be definitely determined, the commissions must be “arithmetically determinable.” Weidman v. The Bradford Group, Inc., 444 Mass. 698 (2005). If your commissions are due and have yet to receive them, please contact our attorneys for a free consultation.

        Additionally, conflicts often arise when an employee is terminated before a commission is paid. If you have fulfilled all or most of the factors that contribute to determining your commission, you may be entitled to receive your commission.

        Our attorneys know that you derive much of your income from the commissions you’ve earned. We will work hard to help you reclaim your lost wages and commissions.